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Wasp Nests: When To Call The Experts

Seeing wasps, bees, and hornets is no cause for concern when it is outside. In fact, they are very useful as they help in pollination of fruits and grains. But when they form a nest inside your home or within the boundary of your property, it poses a threat to you. Now it’s time to call a professional pest control company. This is because dealing with stinging insects can be challenging and dangerous and only professionals can handle them with their specialised procedures. Here in this blog, we’ll explore when to call the experts for wasp nest removal and why DIY methods may not always be the best choice. 

Wasp Nests

Understanding Wasp Nests

You must have a better understanding of the wasp nests before you make any decision about when to call the experts. As gregarious insects, wasps form nests in protected locations such as tree branches, attics, building eaves, and underground. Wasps themselves chew wood and mix it with saliva and form a substance that resembles paper which is used in the nest formation. Their family includes queens, male wasps, and worker wasps. The worker wasps are responsible for the construction of the nest.

When To Call In The Experts

There are certain points of time at which calling the experts is the only demand of the situation. Here are given below:

  • Large or hidden nests

Whenever you find a concealed or huge wasp nest on your property, it is recommended to call experts. It is because it can be difficult to remove these nests.

  • Multiple nests

You cannot be able to manage multiple wasps on your own because it means there is definitely a serious wasp infestation. This situation can be very dangerous and difficult.

  • Uncertain species

If you are unsure of what kind of wasps are infesting your property then it is better to avoid taking any chances. When you hire professionals you will become free from all your worries as they can precisely identify the species and have the expertise to select the most effective techniques for their eradication.

  • DIY attempts failed

When you become unsuccessful in removing wasp nests on your own then the condition arises to call the experts. The situation arises because the wasps are very aggressive and to control them is a very big challenge.

  • Near-high traffic areas

Professionals must be hired in some situations when the wasp nests are situated close to busy locations like walkways, entrances, or play areas. When you pass by these places, they feel disturbances or threats and so they may become very aggressive. 

  • Allergic reaction

If you or any of your family members are allergic to wasp nests then safety should come first. That is why you should leave all the nest removal processes to the experts because even one sting may cause a serious allergic reaction.

  • Nest in difficult-to-reach locations

Some areas are very difficult to reach by the normal people line wall voids, underground, or attics. If wasp nests are found in these areas, appoint professionals for this work as they have the knowledge and skills to manage and also have the necessary equipment.

  • Large colonies

Wasps can develop colonies with tens of thousands of members. You alone can not be able to eradicate this sizable colony as it can be very dangerous. But experts can handle it properly because they have years of experience in the same field.

DIY Wasp Nest Removal Risks

Cost-effectiveness is the only factor that supports the DIY process but there are a lot of risks involved in this. Just take a look at the risks involved:

  • Handling wasps nests without proper equipment may result in stings and injuries.
  • Complete removal or eradication of wasps cannot be possible with DIY methods. Live wasps may leave behind that can rebuild and become even more aggressive.
  • You cannot know the exact and proper use of pesticides. Its misuse causes environmental contamination and health risks. Experts know the safe use of these chemicals.
  • When wasp’s nests are at difficult-to-reach locations, that is in a wall or attic, their removal can lead to property damage through DIY.
  • Agitated wasps may swarm, which makes it difficult to escape safely.

Why Call The Experts?

Experts play a crucial role in the proper handling and removal of wasp nests. It is very crucial to understand their role and it is described below:

  1. Safety issues: It is hazardous to handle wasp nests because when they perceive a threat to their nest, they may become hostile and sting. This may cause dangerous allergic reactions. But professionals safely handle wasp nests as they are trained.
  1. Identification correctly: There are a number of species of wasps out of which some are more aggressive than others, such as hornets and yellow jackets. All these species are easily identified by the experts and with the help of this knowledge they modify their strategy.  
  1. Protection gear: Suits, masks, and gloves are the types of protective gear that are outfitted by professionals, in order to secure their safety.
  1. Effective techniques: Pest control professionals have different types of insecticides and specialized equipment for the removal of wasp nests which are very effective. However, the DIY techniques might not be effective due to the absence of these techniques.
  1. Preventing reinfestation: Professionals pinpoint each and every weak spot in your home that attracts wasps in detail. They provide you with a perfect solution and can also offer guidance on how to stop wasp infestation in the future.


To ensure safety, the avoidance of reinfestation, and efficient removal, hiring experts for wasp nest removal is crucial in a variety of these circumstances. There are a number of locations and situations where it is preferable to turn to experts for complete eradication of wasps from the roots. These places and situations are repeated infestations, allergic reactions, unsuccessful DIY attempts, enormous colonies, large or concealed nests, nests close to busy areas, ambiguous species, or difficult-to-reach spots. DIY projects have unexpected outcomes and can be dangerous. You must make your decision to hire professionals for the wasp nest removal on the basis of the safety and welfare of your property and family.