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Moth Infestations can seriously harm both the interior and exterior of your property. Don’t let them disturb your lifestyle or harm you in any way. Moths are able to gnaw through dry goods and textiles, resulting in significant and expensive damage to your house. You can make a reservation with MICK’s Pest Control Brisbane for moth extermination services right now. We will provide you with a variety of services for Moth Control Brisbane since we are experienced in dealing with different types of moths.

Whether cloth moths or pantry moths are infesting your house, we can offer a number of options to get the infestation under control. We provide a variety of solutions, including chemical-free “heat” treatments that get rid of moths, larvae, and eggs from priceless items. We target the infestation with the most effective insecticides and fumigation process. Based on our in-depth understanding of moth species, we offer specialized treatments and prevention guidance after the servicing. 

Moth Control In House services are available with all required facilities of Moth Control Brisbane. Our professional moth controllers also provide you advice on how to keep them away in the future.

How To Detect Whether There is a Clothing or Pantry Moth Infestation?

Despite the moth’s infestation in the home, detecting their type could be more difficult. Well, if you are reading this article, it means you can get the right answer. Moths leave behind various traces of their presence. You can notice some evidence of moth infestation symptoms and hire professionals for Moth Control Brisbane.: 

Cloth Moth

When you find clothes containing moths, be alert. Cloth moths attack upholstery and cloth material in your wardrobe. They will be drawn to fabrics made of wool, silk, and fur. If you detect holes in your clothing or any other similar damage, you could be dealing with the infestation of Clothes Moth. Webbing Moths favour cloth made of wool. They typically hide in woollen material while feeding on it.

The silk cases they make from the fibres and silk of the infected clothing serve as their feeding vessels. They chew clothing, leaving holes and poop behind in any situation.

Pantry Moth

Usually, you may find pantry moths in the pantry items, drawers, or cupboards in your kitchen. They feed on grains, nuts, flour, spices, and chocolate, among other foods. Food can be contaminated by moth cocoons, web-like materials, and droppings. Moths are considered for laying eggs in pantries, grain, processed meals, and food in storage. All edible things can get contaminated by moths. Food packets that are infected provide other pests access. Eggs develop into larvae once they hatch, and they keep growing until you get rid of them with the professional help of Pantry Moth Control Brisbane.

Are Moths Dangerous or Not?

Clothes, food, and other goods can all be harmed by moths in your house. Moths represent no threat because they don’t bite, even as adults but they can cause other possible losses to your property.

Aside from not being aggressive insects, they fly away when approached or when they want. Some reasons why they are problematic and you need the help of Moth Control Brisbane:

1. Infestations spread rapidly

A moth can lay up to 300 eggs in just seven days and you can’t control them by ignoring them. Moth infestations can expand quickly and into practically any area because they are drawn to tiny wall holes, cracks, and crevices. It is scientifically proven that moths have the ability to quickly cause damage to a variety of household products.

2. Illness caused by moths

People can be ill when they consume products that have been exposed to moth feces and cocoons. Moths, which can result in swelling, little red lumps, itching skin, and redness, can also result in dermatitis.

3. The harm they inflicted

Damage to clothing, carpets, and materials can be used to identify cloth moth infestations in your home. These things are not consumed by moths, but their larvae are. A lengthier infestation resulted in more fabric degradation.

4. Allergy Response

When touching foods or fabrics that have a moth infestation, an allergic reaction may occur.  They are covered in tiny scales that shed when they come into contact with other things. Allergens that are airborne then develop through the infestation. Allergies can result from coming into direct contact with their feces. The issue is brought on by moth wings.

Moth Extermination in Three Steps: Call Us Right Away

It is simpler to identify a moth infestation with just a few steps. You’ll see ruined natural fabrics or contaminated food packaging. For controlling moth infestation, when you see indications of an infestation, contact Pest Control Brisbane and make an appointment for Pest Control Moth. We provide all advantages relating to services for Moth Control Brisbane.

1. Moth inspection, first

A comprehensive inspection of your property will reveal the degree of the infestation. If you think you have pantry moths, you can easily get help from a moth control specialist. They will check your storage space, kitchen cabinet, pantries, and carpets. Your bedroom, furniture, closet, and carpets will be checked.

2. Particular Chemical Therapy

Utilizing a specific pesticide is the very best option if you believe cloth moths are present. Our Moth Caterpillar Control specialists will eradicate the pest’s complete life cycle, including its eggs, larvae, and adults. The specialist may need to administer insecticides, depending on the infestation. You just need to stay away from the area while servicing is being performed.

3. Information on Moth Prevention

Moth prevention is also necessary as usual to keep the home protected. By hiring our professionals, you will also receive some helpful advice on how to avoid further infestations as part of our service after the treatment. Just be careful to check your area for months, and take immediate action if you discover any sign of Moth Infestation.

Why Are We Renowned As Brisbane’s Best Moth Infestation Solution?

The high calibre of service at Mick’s Pest Control Brisbane sets us apart. Our Moth Control Brisbane services are the finest choice for you because of the advantages listed below:

  • Solutions for professional moth control: Utilizing treatment and strategies that are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and secure for our clients and the neighbourhood. We use only safe pesticides and pest solutions.
  • Competent Local Experts: Our moth exterminators are qualified experts. Every project is aimed at perfection. So, be quick to hire our safety tricks with our professional pest controllers.
  • Available appointments on short notice: With same-day and next-day appointments available, a dedicated pest control personnel is accessible seven days a week. Our customers are free to call us at any time. 
  • Potential savings of $40: Our Brisbane clients who employ our budget-friendly moth pest control services on a regular basis, can get up to $40 off each appointment.
  • Following-up therapies: Upon request, we can organize follow-up visits. Depending on the type of treatment used and the extent of the infestation, follow-up visits will vary.
  • Regional Group Brisbane: We have years of experience in this area and the knowledge to deal with moths and other pests. To successfully and securely remove moths, we regularly get training. We keep our systems up to date with our professional strategies. 

To make your property moth-proof and pest free, get in touch with us right away to learn which service is most efficient for getting rid of moths and to schedule any Moth Control Brisbane service.


Q. How to remove moths at home?

Ans- You can trap and kill moths by using flypaper and fish oil. You can also notice that several moths can die without any reason. Still, if you are experiencing some issues with the infestation, call our experts.

Q. Can you come on holiday for moth control? 

Ans- Our professionals are 24/7 hours available and can reach your place at any time. We are working on all working days, public holidays and weekends. 

Q. Are you a certified company offering commercial moth removal?Ans- Yes, we are leading a certified company for providing Commercial and Residential Moth Removal Services in all suburbs of Brisbane.