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Possum’s yowling sounds, fast movements and nocturnal demeanours are disturbing. They can also be a reason behind many health issues. Mick’s Pest Control Brisbane has possum catchers and rescuers who are licensed to catch and relocate possums. Our Possum Removal Brisbane experts have the knowledge and resources for making all kinds of possum-infested properties free of possums.

From property inspection to possum cage set-up and removing possums from cages to transfer them to their original habitat, our pest experts do everything safely. Our experts are well aware of possum protection laws, and they follow them strictly.

So knowing that possum infestation is a dangerous condition, we act promptly on your request and arrange everything to catch and relocate them ASAP. Call our Possum Removal Brisbane experts today on 07 2104 1918 to get reliable services in Brisbane and its suburbs.

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Our Mission in Brisbane

Possums are very tenacious and once they realize that your house is a safe home for them, they’ll continue to return and can be very slick at discovering new entries into your roof, gardens, yards, and homes.

Our goal at Possum Removal Brisbane is to help you fast and give you peace of mind. We provide the best possum removal services in Brisbane. Whether possums are in your backyard, under the deck, garden, roof, or anywhere else on your property, we’ll get rid of them for you.

Possum Challenges In Brisbane

They are found on roofs, backyards and gardens and pose several threats. You might remove them from your house or office, but they tend to return again within a shorter time span. Some of the common issues with possums in Brisbane include:

  • Nuisance and Noise: Possums are nocturnal creatures and can create disturbances at night. Their movements on roofs, ceiling cavities, or wall cavities can result in scratching, running, or scurrying noises that disturb sleep.
  • Property Damage: Possums may cause damage by gnawing on timber, electrical wiring, or other materials in an attempt to gain entry or make a home in roof spaces. This can lead to potential structural damage or fire hazards.
  • Garden and Vegetable Damage: They sometimes feed on gardens, including fruits, flowers, and vegetables, which can be frustrating for gardeners. They can attack you with painful bites.
  • Disease Concerns: While relatively rare, possums can carry diseases that pose a risk to humans and pets. Additionally, their droppings can carry parasites.

How to find Possum Infestation

If you think there are possums causing trouble at your place, give us a call for safe and kind possum removal in Brisbane. Possums are protected in Brisbane, so we follow special rules when getting rid of them. Spotting signs like their unique markings helps know if possums are around.

  • Noise: Possums are active at night, producing thumping or scratching sounds in ceilings or roof cavities.
  • Droppings and Urine Smell: Look for small, dark droppings and detect musky odours, especially in confined spaces.
  • Damage: Possums can cause damage by gnawing on timber, wires, insulation, or even garden plants.
  • Nesting Materials: Possums use materials like leaves, grass, and twigs for nests, often in sheltered spots or roofs.
  • Sightings: They’re nocturnal, so you might spot them at night or during twilight hours. They have a distinctive waddling gait.
  • Entry Points: Possums enter through gaps or holes in roofs, eaves, or walls. Look for entry points and pay attention to these areas.

Effective Possum Removal Method We Follow in Brisbane

You must trust experts like us for proper removal and relocation. Our procedure for possum removal is very effective and efficient. We follow safe and effective steps for stopping, catching and relocating the possums.

  • Inspection Inspection is our first step. It is necessary because some possums may be hiding somewhere and you are only seeing one. You can call us to hire experts who can check new houses to find possums or any sign of their presence. We provide general possum inspection services for all residential and commercial properties.
  • Your Safety By controlling possums, we save your time and property. So that you can spend your time on your precious work peacefully. One technique is not effective in all cases. We provide personalised solutions based on your problem. Catching possums from the roof, underdeck and garden is a different thing.
  • Possum-Catching Box Placing: We place possum-catching boxes with baits to catch live possums without any danger. We wait for possums to enter the cage or box. Possums will enter the cage seeing baits put in it.
  • Live Possum Removal We remove the cage with the possum in it and relocate the possum safely to their original habitat. We use large-size cages for catching and relocating live possums. Our experts will follow local laws for possum relocation and safety.
  • Preventive Measures After completing the work, we share preventive measures for decreasing the chance of possum infestation again and again. You can install possum boxes on a tree to save the garden and backyard. You can install possum nesting boxes so that they can live safely without disturbing you and your property.

What Makes Micks Pest Control Best Option in Brisbane

Mick’s Pest Control has proven its worth as a possum removal company and various pest control service providers in Brisbane. You can get the most beneficial Possum Removal Services in Brisbane from our company. Here are some good reasons why people choose us:-

  • Availability: We are a team of certified possum catchers in Brisbane who are working days and nights to help people who require possum removal. Our staff is customer-friendly and provides fully reliable possum removal services.
  • Pricing: We have the lowest prices for professional possum control in Brisbane. You can also avail of discounts on regular services. We are available for emergency possum removal services without any extra cost. You can have free quotes before booking any service.
  • Safety: We have made our team for good deeds. So we save possums as well as your family and property in Brisbane. Risk-free possum catching and relocation are possible only with experts like us. Our company has years of experience.
  • Professionalism: We provide the services with professionalism and keep trying to upgrade our systems and methods of possum catching and relocation. Our more than 20 years of experience and quality service make us more popular among customers. Our experts have made us the champion of possum removal services and possum proofing in Brisbane.
  • Prevention Strategy: If you want to install permanent possum boxes on your property, then you can get the installation of possum boxes of great size at affordable prices from our company. We have many proven possum prevention methods.


Does possum removal from the roof or underdeck cost more?

Catching possums on the roof or underdeck can be fatal sometimes, so you may be required to pay more in such cases. However, we try our best to offer the services at budget-friendly rates.

Why do I need to remove possums from my property in Brisbane?

Possums can cause damage by chewing on structures, creating a mess with their droppings, and making noise at night, disrupting sleep. Additionally, they might carry diseases that could pose a risk to humans and pets.

Is it legal to remove possums in Brisbane, and what are the regulations?

In Brisbane, possums are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. It is illegal to harm or relocate possums without the proper permits. You will need to contact a licensed wildlife removal expert or obtain appropriate permits from the local wildlife authority.

How can I deter possums from returning to my property after removal?

To prevent possums from returning, you can seal entry points, trim overhanging tree branches, and secure garbage bins to limit their food sources. Using deterrents like strong-smelling substances or installing barriers can also help.

What are the methods used for humane possum removal in Brisbane?

Humane removal involves techniques like installing one-way doors, traps, or exclusion methods to allow possums to leave but prevent re-entry. It’s crucial to hire professionals trained in wildlife removal to ensure the safety and well-being of the possums.

How much does possum removal service typically cost in Brisbane?

The cost of possum removal in Brisbane can vary based on factors such as the severity of the infestation, the methods used, and the service provider. Generally, it’s advisable to get quotes from multiple licensed wildlife removal companies to compare prices and services offered.

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