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Mick’s Pest Control Service Information – Our Service Guide

Mick’s Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control and removal solutions tailored to your needs for both commercial and residential purposes. Teaming up with highly-skilled pest control experts, we find out the root cause of the infestation and treat it right away with customised solutions. Our professionals help assess the hard-to-reach areas including sub-floors, attics, and other exterior parts of your premises and help eliminate all the traces of the pests. To get a free, upfront, obligation-free written quote, contact us today

Evaluating the size and condition of the infestation, we map out the most suitable treatment plan.

We are very careful in choosing our pest control products and make sure they meet the standards of the Health Department of the city. Mainly, we use products like pest-repellent sprays, powders, baits, traps, etc., and place them safely inside and outside your premises, keeping them out of the reach of your kids and furry friends. Also, in order to maintain your safety and well-being, we undertake all the necessary safety measures as per the strict state guidelines.

We are a fully insured and bonded company and all our services are covered by a certain period of time. To name a few, a six-month warranty for spiders and ants, a three-month warranty for roach control, and around one year for termite removal.

During this period, if you notice any single pest at your premises, we would offer free re-treatment.

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