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We at MICKS Pest Control are a pest control business and our trained employees and expert pest controllers offer our clients top-notch services with extra benefits of Pest Control facilities. We are a totally profitable business that strives to provide you with the best-skilled Pest Removal services in both commercial and residential places. We provide environmentally friendly pest control services so you can protect your family from harmful pesticides and pests.

Depending on the type of pest, we offer our customers a variety of choices for treating pest infestations. Eco-friendly pest management is a smart move and we love it as well because we want to safely protect you and your family from pests. You can rely on our professional services. Our professional Labrador Pest Control Services are always available for you. So, call us for safe Pest Spray and other services that can help you maintain your family and property healthy for years.

About Mick’s Pest Control

We started 30 years ago. Our knowledgeable crew of Mick’s Pest Control offers very useful pest treatments across Labrador city and other parts of Brisbane. To effectively treat and eradicate pests, we have been working with the right knowledge of their behavior. This business was started 30 years ago to simplify people’s lives and protect them from pest risk. We have been running our business with customer support and make every effort to offer you satisfactory results. Our company has guided many people and made their home safe from pest issues.

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    Our Pest Control Services

    We have received recognition for how well-liked we are in the pest control industry. By offering expert pest control services to everyone who needs to stop pest activity in their home, we work to achieve our mission. We are experts that can comprehend the need for pest removal services using the greatest technique. We treat a variety of pests.

    Termite Inspection Labrador

    Termite Inspection

    Our inspection for termites is very effective in finding their hidden spots and colonies.

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    Pest Control Labrador Mice

    Mice Control

    We are available in Labrador for you the with most convenient mice control services.

    Rodent Control Labrador

    Rodent Control

    We control different kinds of rodents and treat your home with the best pesticides.

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    Flea Control Labrador

    Flea Control

    We offer you Flea Control Services with lots of effort and make sure that you will get hassle-free services.

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    Bee Removal Labrador

    Bee Removal

    Our bee removal treatment is very effective and provides the most satisfactory services to every person in nearby areas and Labrador.

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    Cockroach Control Labrador

    Cockroach Control

    We offer you the most superior and reliable services that will keep your home fully safe from cockroach infestation.

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    Moth Control Labrador

    Moth Control

    Our company is also working to offer you moth control services in Labrador.

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    Ant Control Labrador

    Ant Control

    Ant infestation could be very irritating and can be controlled with expert help. Contact us for the best quotes of Ant Pest Control Labrador.

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    Spider Control Labrador

    Spider Control

    For removing spiders, call us for Spider Control Treatment. We remove different kinds of spiders and their webs.

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    Bedbugs Control Labrador

    Bedbugs Control

    Our pest controllers are also reliable to offer you bedbug removal services across the city.

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    Possum Removal Labrador

    Possum Removal

    Our company gives special treatments for removing possums and uses eco-friendly traps and cages to complete the work.

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    Trustable Local Pest Experts In Labrador & Nearby Areas

    At Mick’s Pest Control, we have the best local pest controllers for serving different Labrador areas and will provide you with all facilities related to pest control. We are skilled and have the professionalism to work accordingly. We keep our treatment safe and you can trust our staff. We have years of experience as a service provider for dealing with pest infestation and using Pest Spray. Our technicians are updated with the newest technologies so that we can provide you with satisfactory services at your doorstep.

    Trustable Local Pest Control Experts Labrador

    Pests On Your Property: Book Our Pest Control Process For Good Results

    MICK’s Pest Control is efficient and works professionally to make your house protected from nasty pests. We have the newest technologies and offer you the most sufficient services with progressive pest treatments.

    Area inspection

    Area inspection

    Using the tools and equipment, we do a thorough inspection of the whole property. To create the pest removal procedure for each type of property, we first determine the treatment based on the type of pest infestation.

    Fumigation and fogging

    Fumigation or Fogging

    Pest management and the whole pest elimination can be done with fumigation or fogging treatment. This is an extremely efficient approach to both professionally kill and keep spiders, moths, ants, and fleas away.

    Traps and baits

    Traps and baits

    To keep rats and other pests away, we use bait, traps, and repellents. Additionally, we employ this particular method to get rid of nasty pests like cockroaches and rodents. This method of pest control works well as we never compromise with the use of effective traps and baits.

    Professional Pest Treatment Labrador

    Pest Treatments

    Our pest treatments are always the best and keep every home pest-free with our dedicated work and endless efforts. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions for performing pest treatment.

    So, call us for comfort in keeping your home safe with the Best Pest Control services.

    Factors To Consider When Searching For Pest Control Services Nearby

    Whenever you need to hire expert Pest Controllers you can not blindly hire them from any company. Considering these factors can help you to book the best pest control company in your region. Must check these while choosing the right pest control services.

    • A company or individual should be certified and approved by a government agency for providing pest control services as we hold Certificate IV in Urban Pest Management.
    • Free quotes facility should be available so that you can know something about prices.
    • When you decide to hire a Local Pest Controller, always make sure that you are getting eco-friendly services. This will be safe for your family and environment as well.
    • Also, make sure what type of services the company offers. Many companies are available for controlling a few pests.
    • A reliable company should keep transparency in its service budget or prices. So, check this.
    • A company should give emergency service so that you will not have to wait to get rid of the pests.

    So, be aware of these things and hire only experienced workers for the Pest Control Procedure.

    Pest Control Labrador

    Why Count On Mick’s Pest Control In Nearby Areas And Labrador?

    We at MICK’s Pest Control Company are always here to offer you all the required facilities for pest control in nearby areas and Labrador. We are the greatest pest controllers since we put out great effort to provide our clients with expert services. Here are a few more reasons:

    Field Experience

    Field Experience

    We have a reputation for providing seasoned pest controllers that are knowledgeable on how to handle pest activity.

    Acknowledged staff

    Acknowledged staff

    We are renowned for offering a wide range of pest control services all under one roof. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of pest behavior and can keep your property free from infestation and harm caused by pests.

    Pest Control Labrador Prices

    Pest Control Prices

    If you need our pest control services frequently, we may work with you to adjust the cost. We guarantee that you will receive expert services at reasonable prices.



    Since we are experts in pest management, this is very significant. We have a thorough understanding of the situation and professionally address pest infestation.



    To provide you with convenient Best Pest Control services, we are available every day of the week, including the weekends.

    Nearby Locations: Pest Control Service In Labrador & Surroundings

    We at MICK’s Pest Control are offering the most required pest removal services in all suburbs of Labrador and nearby areas. We are available in:-

    • Rangeville
    • Mount Lofty
    • Gowrie Junction
    • Harlaxton
    • Highfields
    • Wilsonton
    • Cranley
    • Darling Heights
    • Glenvale
    • Harristown
    • Kearneys Spring
    • Brookstead
    • Southbrook
    Best Pest Control Service in Labrador


    “I have been using this company’s facilities for the last 2 years. This company is amazing and offers the most convenient pest control service. Now, I am very happy because the experts of this company are customer-friendly and give discounts occasionally. “


    “I called this company’s professionals one month and got effective services. There was no side effect after getting the pest removal service. The fumigation process is very efficient to keep control of the infestation. I would really like to recommend this company to everyone who is looking for professional pest removal services.”


    “My family was very irritated with the pests in our home. And once I heard about MICK’s pest control company and I decided to hire experts for Cockroach removal. Now, I am happy that I am getting regular pest control services. Now, there is not a single pest in my home because the company’s professionals help me to reduce all possibilities of getting pests in my home. “


    FAQs: Pest Control Labrador

    According to the experts, normal pest inspection and control should be done every month or as required. You can also contact us for expert help or advice.

    A single session for pest treatment typically costs between $250 and $600. The kind of infestation, infestation areas, and treatments determine the cost of pest management.

    Yes, pest control is really worth it if you have a pest infestation in your home. This is good for all(you, your family, pets, kids, health, and property). So, call us and hire Pest Controllers now.

    No, Cleaning can reduce the effectiveness of pesticides. For more information, contact our specialists. At least, you should leave your house-treated area undisturbed for 3-4 hours.

    Once the procedure is over, pest control firms advise avoiding the house for a specific period of time. After the procedure is finished, they may often advise staying outside your home for two to four hours. However, depending on the provider, this might change.